Should I Book an Apartment or Hotel Room for our Holiday – Our Suggestions

If you are planning to go on a business trip or a long holiday with a small group of people, then this article is for you. Do make a note that this guide is written based on our experience and not just based on some facts.

Anyone who is planning to go for a holiday is often confused on which hotel they should book and what kind of room should be selected. Another important point to note is the duration of the stay because sometimes getting locked inside a 20 – 30 square meter rooms make your holiday go bad. Instead, we would suggest you book an apartment. Yes, you heard it right we are suggesting to book a furnished apartment for your holiday which has far many advantages when compared to a hotel room.

To begin with, the apartment would give you privacy if you are planning to go in a group and you can make teams, or if you on a family holiday then the couples can go for different rooms, while the hall and the central sitting area can be used for discussions and entertainment. Along with this these rooms come equipped with complete kitchen, balcony, Clothes Iron Table, Washing Machine, etc. which not only would help you to save money but also enjoy your home like facility giving you an option to get access to almost everything which you have at your home.

Apart from that the common areas and the kitchen would provide you with adequate space and an opportunity to spend your vacation in a better way, rather than sticking yourself to whatever is provided by the hotel because you can quickly cook your favorite dishes in the kitchen.

Once you make a booking for a standard apartment you would get these few details from the reservation company:

Room 1, Two-Bedroom Apartment (1-3 Adults)

These modern apartments have a lounge with flat-screen satellite TV, a terrace, a dining area, and a kitchen with dishwasher and microwave. There are two bedrooms, 1 with twin beds, the other with a single bed, well enough for 3 persons (strictly non-smoking)

The total cost for this room is almost half of a standard double bedroom at any premium or class hotel, and the amenities you get here are incomparable except that you have to do most of the things while at the hotel, there is their support staff at your service. When we have had made our booking for a room at Barcelona – Spain, we have had asked them a few questions which are mentioned below.

How many rooms will the apartment have?
Can you share some photos of the apartment?
Will the apartment be cleaned by someone every day?
What kind of amenities will be available in the Kitchen? Based on that we can make our breakfast.
Is it Easy to Rent a Cab nearby the apartment?
Do you offer any Internet options during our stay?
Will there be Room Heater available?
Yes, you may feel that these questions sound noobish, but that was our first experience with apartment booking, and hence we wanted to ensure we don’t end up with any issues. Here is the answer from the apartment owner who was also managing the booking.

Here are some of the Photos of the Apartment which we had rented which can give you a clear idea on what you would get.

The apartment has 2 rooms. One small room with two single bed and one big room with two single bed but they are together as a double bed. There is also a fully equipped kitchen and a big living room. There is the internet but it is not cableless [i.e., No Wi-Fi]. We don’t offer any breakfast, but you find bars around where you can have breakfast. There is a heater all over the apartment with an option to set the temperature in every room, and you get a large flat-screen satellite TV in the main hall.

This quickly helped us get away from our confusions and ensure that we are going to have a great holiday at our temporary home. The only issues here are the house cleaning which happens only once a week or twice a week depending on the booking and the terms & conditions. Also in case you need something, there is no one to help you because these buildings are leased completely to guests who are totally new to these places and have no idea about anything around. You should better do a quick survey on nearby supermarkets, medical halls, and restaurants with the help from the apartment owner and ensure that you have all the information with you because once you check-in, no one is going to visit you until the check-out date or time.

Last but not least, the apartment option would always save you money if you are a group of 3-6 people and would also offer you with privacy, feeling of a cozy place and also give you the maximum freedom. The major disadvantages of this being no support staff, no help from anyone since everything has to be done by you. You can always opt for home delivery of the food from the nearby restaurants if you would like to skip the food preparation option.

Do let us know your thoughts around the same and what do you think is more beneficial to someone who is planning for their next holiday and also let us know with your experience being at an apartment.